Monthly Archives: September 2015

woven bench

bench seat with woven fabric seat. Bench is very lightweight while still remaining strong. Bench can be made in a variety of domestic hardwoods and fabric tape choices.

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Low back stool

Sturdy, solid d├ęcor

Sculpted seat stool with low lumbar support back. Can be made in a variety of domestic hardwoods.

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Torii stool

tall back stool . can be made in many different wood combinations.

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3 leg waterfall bench

natural slab bench with two turned legs and one waterfall leg. can be used as coffee table or bench.

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Open Pedestal Table

This table base is suited best for a small slab not more than 5′ long. The open base allows plenty of leg room on all sides. Table shown is a maple slab top and walnut base.    

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