Jude’s wood creations

This page is to show the work of my son,Jude.

It all started around 2011 as a way to entertain Jude while I was working in the shop. A few scraps of wood and some glue and viola’ a boat is created. 

after that he experimented with glueing scraps together to create sculptures

From there we decided that birdhouses might be a good project:  jude birdhouse video

I had a nice one day local show in 2014 that would be the perfect place for Jude to showcase his work. I cut parts and he assembled them into his finished product. Jude really enjoyed the show experience so we have been doing that show together ever since. 

The birdhouse designs have evolved over the years often starting with a sketch from which we come up wiyj a parts list 

The camper birdhouses were designed to go with his school’s fund raising gala which had a theme that year of “Road trip” they have been a hit at shows.

In 2017 I got Jude pen making supplies where he could turn wooden pens on a lathe. I must admit I thought he would be a little timid with the lathe but with proper guidance he really took to it and has found a true fondness for turning