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The unadorned elegance of nature is showcased in the Shibui collection. Each piece is a unique showcase of the beauty of nature.

Olsen console

A wooden table with two drawers and one shelf. Continue reading...

Olsen II side table

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Olsen side table

Grain wrapped side table with natural void

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3 leg waterfall bench

A wooden table with legs and a curved top.

natural slab bench with two turned legs and one waterfall leg. can be used as coffee table or bench.

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#5 stool

Counter height stool. These stools can be made in a variety of wood combinations to suit your home. Seats can either be live edge or not.

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Trestle table II

A wooden table with two legs on top of it.

This trestle base allows more leg room around the vertical support. As with all my tables you are welcome to choose your top and base material.

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folded coffee table

A wooden bench with a slab of wood on top.

A walnut “Y” shaped slab created the opportunity to build this table. Each leg is mitered and reinforced with mortise and tenon joints.

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Open Pedestal Table

A table with two legs and a wooden top.

This table base is suited best for a small slab not more than 5′ long. The open base allows plenty of leg room on all sides. Table shown is a maple slab top and walnut base.    

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Floating top table

A wooden table with a wood slab on top.

This table features a top that appears to float above the base.Features tapered legs and mortise andtenon joinery.

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Bistro Table

A dining room table with two chairs and a fireplace.

Bistro table 36″tall with open pedestal base. Single piece slab top.  

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Single slab “Omoi” headboard and platform bed

A bed with white sheets and pillows on it.

  Wall hung massive slab provides a unique headboard. No two pieces are exactly alike.   Omoi=massive

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Natural Edge Coffee Table with Waterfall leg

A living room with a couch, chair and coffee table.

A curved natural edge slab of walnut created the opportunity for this design. The base features a waterfal leg on one end and single upright on the other. Joining the two is a curved laminated stretcher. In the background you will also see a cherry sagaku table .

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rustic media cabinet

A wooden bench with trees carved into it.

Custom Black Cherry and elm cabinet with two sliding doors. Sawn twig stile in doors and stick slats in sides for air circulation.

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Double Door Three Tier Cabinet

A wooden table with two doors and shelves.

  The beauty and shape of individual trees bring an organic feel and natural elegance to each piece. With a storage area and open shelving these cabinets serve as both a practical piece of furniture and a display unit for treasured pottery or other possessions.

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3 tier cabinet with single door

A wooden shelf with two shelves and one door.

Sequentially sawn walnut planks areused to create thesecabinets.cantilevered section creates a lovely area to display treasured pottery or other possessions.

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Bookmatched Headboard

A bed room with a large bed and a wooden headboard

Bookmatched elm natural edge headboard hung via french cleat. Cantilevered nightstands feature spalted sycamore door panels.

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Walnut bedroom featuring butterfly headboard

A bed room with an orange wall and wooden headboard.

Features: walnut natural edge platform bed One of a kind walnut headboard created using sequence cut slabs. Low profile platform in walnut. Nightstands are arts and crafts inspired and feature ambrosia maple panels. Also shown is a sycamore box with pin latch

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Natural Edge Desk and Shelf Unit

A desk with a chair and some shelves

“L” shaped office counter features a natural edge. Small cabinet under counter acts as wire chase for ease of wire management. File cabinet can be rolled out from under cabinet to act as another work surface. Upper corner cabinet and cantilevered shelf unit add storage and versitility.

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Shibui curved coffee table

A wooden table with two shelves on top.

Curved slab top coffee table with cantilever. small cabinet for storage

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Trestle table

A wooden table with two legs and a slab of wood on top.

trestle base with a slab top.

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Cantilever shelf

A wooden table with a small stool on top of it.

live edge top with small cabinet.

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Flitch bookcase

A wooden shelf in the grass near some trees.

Consecutive live edge slabs used to create shelf tiers.

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4 drawer dresser on skid base

A wooden dresser with three drawers and a wood top. Continue reading...

Wine cabinet

A wooden cabinet with two doors open and wine glasses in it. Continue reading...

Sagaku table

A wooden table with a slab of wood on top.

Single balanced upright with outriggers for lateral support. Coffee table height , side table height, or buffet height.

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dining table with slab base

A wooden table sitting in the middle of a field.

Solid slab uprights provide a sturdy base for the slab top. the base can be square, flared, or tapered.

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Dining table with Butterfly base

A table with two legs and a wine glass holder on top.

Dining table with butterfly uprights.This base is best suited for tables less than 6 foot long.

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