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Double Door Three Tier Cabinet

A wooden table with two doors and shelves.

  The beauty and shape of individual trees bring an organic feel and natural elegance to each piece. With a storage area and open shelving these cabinets serve as both a practical piece of furniture and a display unit for treasured pottery or other possessions.

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Natural Edge Desk and Shelf Unit

A desk with a chair and some shelves

“L” shaped office counter features a natural edge. Small cabinet under counter acts as wire chase for ease of wire management. File cabinet can be rolled out from under cabinet to act as another work surface. Upper corner cabinet and cantilevered shelf unit add storage and versitility.

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Cantilever shelf

A wooden table with a small stool on top of it.

live edge top with small cabinet.

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Flitch bookcase

A wooden shelf in the grass near some trees.

Consecutive live edge slabs used to create shelf tiers.

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Rustic 3 tier cabinet

A wooden bench with two legs on it

sequence sawn walnut planks were used to create this piece. legs are willow. cantilevered section creates a lovely area to display treasured pottery or other possessions. click on image to see larger version

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