rocker 1624 copyMy designs are influenced by a wide range of 20th century furniture makers, but the ultimate influence of my work is Nature. I partner with my clients and nature to capture the beauty of nature herself in each piece. A major line of furniture designed and produced by J.C. Sterling Fine Furniture is called Shibui. This translates as “unadorned elegance” in Japanese. In my opinion, the furniture that will be most pleasing to our senses and our soul will be that which reflects this Shibui nature. In the Shibui technique, I start with the natural edge slab sometimes even using consecutively cut slices of the same tree, and allow that to guide the design of the overall piece. This results in a spectacular one-of-a-kind work of functional art that is pleasing to the eye and comforting to the soul.
I also have a line of east meets west designs which we call Pacific. They are my unique interpretation of the American Arts and Crafts movement . These pieces work wonderfully with the Shibui line and blend well with traditional 20th Century furniture.

John Sterling FurnitureSterling Woodworking3855 Creek RoadMillmont, PA 17845 John Sterling handcrafted furniture and accessories.

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