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JB dining chair

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Draper credenza in walnut

Black walnut cabinet with sliding by pass walnut door panels. 28 tall x 38 wide x 15 1/2 deep.

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Draper Lounge chair

A chair with a wooden frame and grey patterned cushion.

Mid century inspired lounge chair. Elastic seat webbing makes for a comfortable chair. You are welcome to choose your own upholstery fabric and wood selection.    shown in various woods

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Bistro Table

A dining room table with two chairs and a fireplace.

Bistro table 36″tall with open pedestal base. Single piece slab top.  

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Single slab “Omoi” headboard and platform bed

A bed with white sheets and pillows on it.

  Wall hung massive slab provides a unique headboard. No two pieces are exactly alike.   Omoi=massive

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3 tier cabinet with single door

A wooden shelf with two shelves and one door.

Sequentially sawn walnut planks areused to create thesecabinets.cantilevered section creates a lovely area to display treasured pottery or other possessions.

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Split Apron Desk / Table

A table with two wooden legs and a marble top.

Arts and crafts influence shows in this desk/table. The split apron and floating top lightens the overall look and the natural walnut side panels bring out a more rustic character. The piece shown is cherry with a maple top and walnut accents.

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Walnut bedroom featuring butterfly headboard

A bed room with an orange wall and wooden headboard.

Features: walnut natural edge platform bed One of a kind walnut headboard created using sequence cut slabs. Low profile platform in walnut. Nightstands are arts and crafts inspired and feature ambrosia maple panels. Also shown is a sycamore box with pin latch

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Shibui curved coffee table

A wooden table with two shelves on top.

Curved slab top coffee table with cantilever. small cabinet for storage

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Flitch bookcase

A wooden shelf in the grass near some trees.

Consecutive live edge slabs used to create shelf tiers.

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Pacific sideboard

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Wine cabinet

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dining table with slab base

A wooden table sitting in the middle of a field.

Solid slab uprights provide a sturdy base for the slab top. the base can be square, flared, or tapered.

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walnut buffet

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Flitch Bench

A wooden bench with legs and a slab of wood.

Flitch sawn planksgivethese benchesa refined rustic flair. The bench features a contemporary base with one tapered slab leg and two lathe turned legs . click on image to see larger version

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Katsu Table

A wooden table with two legs and one of the legs is folded down.

The wane edge (natural edge) of two consecutive walnut planks opened the possiblility to create this little accent table with a negative space in the center of the top. The open base of the table contributes overall lightness of the piece .

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A small table with two shelves in the middle.

A more contemporary table with roots in the arts and crafts styling. Table features inverse tapered legs for a visually lighter feel. The table can be done in a variety of different wood options.Click on image to see larger version.  

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A wooden chest with two doors and a small side table.

contemporary mission styling. Front of chest opens and slides into upper portion of cabinet.

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Rustic mission style headboard

A wooden headboard with a bear on it.

Mission styling is evident in this rustic walnut platform bed frame. Maple butterflies accent the walnut slab.

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Curved Front Cabinet

A corner cabinet with two doors and a vase of flowers.

Curved front corner cabinet in sycamore, curly maple and walnut beading.Click on image to see larger version

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Curved Torii Bench

A bench sitting in front of a fireplace.

  Designed with the torii gates of Japan in mind this bench takes advantage of the natural curve ofthe log. Lower stretcher is laminated from four consecutively cut pieces. Slab legs are tapered in thickness to futher refine this rustic bench.Click on image to see larger version

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Coffee Table with trestle base

A table with a slab of wood on top.

Slab top Hackberry and black walnut coffee table with trestle base.

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Walnut Knife Holder

A wooden table with a metal ruler on it Continue reading...